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They Sold A Million II
By The Hit Squad
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #31

They Sold A Million II

Compilation tapes are arriving thick and fast these days with at least one collection being announced each week.

Ocean and US Gold are uniquely positioned to clean up here because of the vast number of titles in their product range - especially now that they have a stake in Ultimate.

In view of this, many gamers may be surprised by the four titles chosen for They Sold A Million II.

Two of them appear to be very strange choices. In fact, you could even question whether the four titles really did sell a million! Match Day definitely didn't contribute many sales towards the total, as it never appeared by itself in the first place! Of course, you could argue that there is nothing in a name. Anyway, here is what the reviewers said about the four games when they were first launched.


The second title in Ultimate Arthur Pendragon saga, and many gamers would say it is the best. A quest beneath the pyramids to find the Ancient Eye of Osiris. Described as a "classic arcade adventure that'll keep you at the computer for hours". A Commodore User Screen Star. Overall 55%

Bruce Lee

This should be a popular option on They Sold A Million II - the first of the smash hit martial arts games. It may seem a bit dated by comparison with some of the latest karate games: Fist, Yie-Ar Kung Fu and Kung Fu Master - but it was the daddy of them all and very popular it was too when launched way back in winter '84.

You play the part of the late, great, kung-fu king - Bruce Lee. You are pursued through various levels of platform screens by the Ninja and the giant Green Yammo. Punches and kicks can be meted out to deal with these nasties - but in the case of the Yammo several direct hits are required to see him off. Commodore User raved about this game in our December 1984 issue. Overall 50%

Match Day

Bit difficulty to say anything about this one as we haven't seen it yet. It has appeared on the Spectrum where it did reasonably well. It is going to have to be better than just reasonably good to cut it on the C64 - where International Soccer still reigns supreme as the number one football game.

Match Point

Another sports game and another conversion from a Spectrum original. Its graphics and sound effects failed to impress on the Commodore. If you really want a tennis simulation then this will serve the purpose.

It has to be said though that it is nothing really to write home about and certainly there is still room for a decent tennis game for the C64. Any takers? Overall Overall 35%


Two good games and two fairly average ones. On balance you are still getting a much better deal than if you bought, say, four Mastertronic cheapies. I can't help thinking though that Ocean could have afforded to put three really good games on They Sold A Million II - rather than just two. I rename this game They Sold Half A Dozen.

Eugene Lacey

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