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By Grandslam
Archimedes A3000

Published in Acorn User #076

All Eyes To Earth


Yet again the world is doomed. Only Professor Eyestrain can save us!

Terramex puts you in the role of one of five explorers armed only with a line of invisible pygmies to carry all the objects you collect. It is your task in this game to find Professor Eyestrain and persuade him to save the Earth.

Your own character can be controlled by keyboard or mouse. He can move left and right, climb ropes and ladders and jump up slopes. This is one feature that annoyed me - you can move down slopes simply by walking, but you have to jump up them. Apart from this, movement is good and keyboard response is fast.


To complete your quest, you'll have to pick up and use most of the objects dotted about the 50-odd screens. Some of these are used to get past the puzzles in the game. Others must be given to Eyestrain so he can make the asteroid deflector.

Graphically the game is excellent, background scenery is varied and detailed, with nice touches such as the bones of hapless explorers. Your character is also very nicely animated, especially when you ask him to think!

The sound in Terramex is much better than in any Arc game I've played so far; good effects and a stereo backing tune. If all this was not enough, you can also play the game in 'fast' mode (which is about four times faster!).

Overall, the game is very good, if a bit easy. It should give you something to do in these long winter evenings. Let's hope we see more ST and Amiga games migrating to the Archimedes.

David Lawrence

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