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Skool Daze
By Microsphere
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #27

Skool Daze

Spectrum owners raved about Skool Daze when it appeared last year. Now you can join in the fun as Microsphere have just completed the C64 conversion.

The action takes place in a strict boys' school where lines are handed out like they were going out of fashion.

Skool Daze is a sort of levels and ladders game but it has a hell of a lot more to it than that. The basic idea is to stay out of trouble, avoid getting lines, and increase your score.

Points are earned by jumping up and touching the shields that are hanging on the walls all over the school. It is not always easy to reach the shields and you may have to knock down a pupil or teacher to stand on to give you the extra reach.

Opening the safe in the headmaster's room also earns you extra points. It's not easy though - you will need to crack the code to get in.

The teachers back out tellings-off for speech bubbles. The headmaster, for example, turns up from time to time in the corridors and threatens to "cane the whole lot of you if you don't keep quiet". Mr Whacker stalks the corridor with his cane in his hand ready to punish anyone who steps out of line.

It's not just strict teachers that you have to watch out for. The bully is always ready to sock you in the mouth, or shoot you with his catapult. The Swot and Boy Wander will tell lies about you to the teachers as well - which can result in even more lines. It would never happen in Grange Hill - that's all I can say.

Eugene Lacey

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