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ST Format

Safari Guns
By New Deal Productions
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #6

Safari Guns

A little while ago an amusing game appeared called African Safari from US Action. The objective was to line up the sights of a gun on all the wildlife which ran past you and blast everything to death as fast as you could. Safari Guns offers a "green" variation on this, but the idea is still the same.

The sights have turned into the viewfinder of a camera and the objective is to take photographs of the creatures who are passing by. There's still a bout of shooting involved, but this time you take aim at the nasty poachers who pop up all over the place.

The purpose is to take three photographcs of each animal: take more and your score suffers. At the end of an allotted time period, all the photographs you took are displayed so you can assess your success.

Some clever, fast moving graphics make it tricky living up the viewfinder in time, and with poachers popping up all over the place it's easy to blast the brains out of friendly wildlife by mistake (there are times when "sorry" just doesn't seem adequate).


Though it's addictive for a short while, Safari Guns isn't what you could call state-of-the-art software. Where it falls down is in the long-term challenge. It's a good laugh for the first hour but it's difficult to sustain an interest much longer.

It should be pointed out that the Ed loved the game to bits, but then, what the hell does he know? [I heard that, pardon! - Ed] Graphically, it's quite an achievement but the wildlife on-screen isn't done any justice by the tame gameplay.

Mark Higham

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