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Return Of The Witchlord
By Dro Soft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #85

Hero Quest Part Two: The adventure continues...

Return Of The Witchlord

Hero Questers rejoice! The second instalment of epic adventures has arrived and there is just as much excitement in this batch as the first lot. You have been warned.

If you have already got the original Hero Quest adventure, then all you need to do to plug in to the next assortment, is pick the Load Other option on the initial menu and insert the Witchlords disc or cassette. From here on in, you're on your own.

If you haven't got the original yet, be warned, this additional offering will not work without it. Designed as an add-on, Return Of The Witchlord has been set at a very much higher difficulty level than Hero Quest, the idea being that you should have created and coached your characters through the initial set of quests.

Each of your characters should now have the strength and battle-hardiness to take on the additional horrors that roam the caverns and corridors of the dark city of Kalos.

The fact is that, despite what Mentor originally believed, the Witchlord is not dead, and even now is planning for the return of his partners in doom Skulmar, Captain of the Dead Host and Kessandria the Witch Queen.

Once these three cronies are firmly seated in their thrones, it is said that the bones of all fallen warriors will be summoned together under the Black Banner.

Ooer! I guess this is where you and your partners come in. Load up your favourite characters, get them kilted out with some new armour and another batch of handy spells and start trekking towards Kalos.

Like the original, there are a whole host of different adventures to take on in Witchlord, all devised to lead you to your ultimate goal of thwarting the evil trio's plans.

Throughout each quest, you will meet bigger and nastier opponents than in your first outing and some of the bad guys have pretty firm defences. Basically, it isn't a good idea to split up straight away, as there will be many occasions when a joint attack is the only way to do away with the enemy.

Remember to stop and search at all times for treasures and secret doors, not forgetting traps and, above all, lose yourself in the suspense of the chase.

Featuring all of the effects of the original game, Return Of The Witch Lord is a stunning set of graphics-based adventures, allowing you to do just about whatever you want within the city walls.

Extremely atmospheric, Hero Questers are going to love this add-on and, even if you haven't tried the board game before, getting hold of Hero Quest and its computer additions is an excellent introduction to simple adventuring. Great fun and guaranteed to hook you completely. Long live the Quest!

John Taylor

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