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Leapin' Louie
By Audiogenic
Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #37

Leapin' Louie

Special agent Louis Mooney (Leapin' Louie, as his friends call him) has been captured by the evil Grong Empire. To top that off he's been imprisoned in their ship.

Now this is where we get on to the game. Guide Louie around the screen collecting batteries. When you've dne that, your next job is to get into the teleport machine. After you shove the batteries in you go onto the next screen. The problem is that the batteries are those cheapo ones that conk out without even being used! The batteries wear out quickly, but there is no need to worry because Louie is a world class sprinter, and, boy, does he go!

In case any of you are still reading and haven't guessed, I'll tell you this is yet another platform game. Oh no! Now look how many of you are left. You see Audiogenic, no-one is interested in this type of game any more. The screens are populated by the usual weird-looking nasties except on screen three I think it was, where they looked like American Football players.

The screens are well made up and I'll tell you that screen four kept me up well into the early hours of the morning. As for screen five well that takes some beating, the thing with these platform games is that when you've done one screen you'll be out to conquer the whole game.

This game is no exception and it lost me a lot of sleep. But don't let that fool you, most platform games have this addictive effect on me. There is also the fact that after you've cleared the game there's not much chance of you deciding to go through all that aggro again.

The actual graphics are not bad and they move around smoothly. The colours are a bit wishy-washy, which shows how little care the programmer took in the desing. I noticed a few bugs when I died due to a collision with a nasty when I was sure I missed it. I can only deduce that the programmer had done an x and y axis check for collisions - which isn't very reliable. The game boasts music and it's a good job you can turn it off though.

The in-game sound effects are much better. Now before you might decide to buy this just think, it only has ten sreens and it took me one day to get onto the fifth. If you can face up to another platform game then this will go down alright, as it does have a high difficulty level.

Fikret Cifici

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