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Kat Trap
By Streetwise
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #46

Kat Trap

Two hundred years ago the survivors of the solar explosions that wrecked the earth built and escaped in the rapidly-built NewArk. Now in the 24th century, the survival ship has completed its trip and returns to not only find an inhabitable world but one that's inhabited! In man's absence the world has been populated by the Cat Men whose own world was destroyed. Thereby hangs the tail.

A frontal attack by the humans failed and left thousands dead. Mankind's only chance was a small-scale attack force to knock out the enemy's battle computer. Hercules 1 and M.T.-Ed (that's you) are sent on their mission only to be ambushed and Hercules 1 captured. Your mission is to destroy the computer and escape with Hercules.

The game is played on a horizontal screens that flip as you reach the edge and represent the spaceport, ruined cities and charred forests of the decimated planet. The planet is not only populated by the Cat Man but also the mutants created during the apocalypse such as the Fire Demons, Ice Men, Shadowmen and Sewer Beasts that have been released to defend their feline masters. My favourites are the sewermen whose hands reach up through manholes to grab you.

Luckily, our robotic hero is not alone as extra weapons, grenades and power units are frequently dropped. However, collecting them can be difficult as they usually appear right in the thick of the action. Unfortunately, these supplies are vital, particularly the extra laser, flamethrower, water, arrow and electric charge weapons as you need the right weapon to kill each fore. You must also ensure that every shot counts as you will need enough shots left to fight your way through the pick up more ammo!

The game features some superb animation and some interesting backgrounds that add atmosphere to the game but sometimes smudges into the critters particularly the Cat Men's heads that change colour as they blend into the background.

Overall, I enjoyed playing Kat Trap especially the panic that fills you as you desperately try to find the right weapon to destroy a rapidly approaching enemy, but it's nothing new. And it doesn't even have a paws button. [Arrrggghhh! - Ed]

Tony Hetherington

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