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By Mastertronic
Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Commodore User #39


The title screen to Kane must be the worst around. I've seen much better in Basic. it had the title written down with a score line beneath it, the score was nothing - I couldn't agree more.

A press of the Fire buttton on the joystick (in port 1) started a horrible noise which, if I remember right, is the theme tune of The Lone Ranger. As my hand reached over to turn it down, it stopped. Luckily, it only lasts the length of time it takes for your cowboy to walk from left to right on the screen.

Your cowboy stands around the right of the screen with a bow in his hands. A cross is provided for you to aim where you want your arrows to fly and hopefully bring down one of the many ducks. Timing is very important, your arrows are very slow, the idea is to estimate when your arrow will pass through the birds' flight path.

The graphics here are very nice, the colours used are very effective and give a sense of realism, even though the sound was a let down. I particularly liked the way the birds were hit and the way they fell onto another bird bringing that down as well.

For every five birds you shoot down you get a coin, which isn't surprising, considering all those conmen around in those days. So, if you manage to collect six coins, by shooting down thirty birds or let them go past if you're part of the Animal Liberation Front, you go to town.

In the town there are a whole load of ruffians, bandits and all-round bad guys. You nip off to the local gun shop and buy yourself six bullets per coin. There are twelve baddies lying in wait, so if you want any chance you should have at least three coins. Once you've got some ammunition you can get ready to dispose of the baddies. The graphics here were just as impressive as the first screen, but with the added advantage of more action. At least your cowboy now moves about the base of the screen. A press of the Fire button quickly makes him draw and fire. Sound effects are simple yet effective.

To make things a little more difficult, the baddies shoot back and hide unsportingly behind doors and windows. The only way to take them out was to shoot them between the eyes.

Once you've filled up the baddies killed-o-meter, guess what happens? Yes, you start all over again (aww). The problem is that it doesn't get any more difficult, thus killing off what could have been a really ace game.

I can't believe that the programmer has used all of the 16K in this program, what happened to the bit where the cowboy does a spot of horse riding?

Even though it has good graphic design and competent sound, I found it a bit too easy.

This isn't one of Mastertronic's best releases.

Fikret Cifici

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