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ST Format

Hawaiian Odyssey
By Sublogic
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #6

Hawaiian Odyssey

Flight Simulator II, probably the most comprehensive simulation of small aircraft flight you can buy for a computer, has been around for a long time. In order to sustain the punter's interest in SubLogic's elderly but exciting adventures in aviation, the company decided to introduce scenery disks. A collection of bolt-on scenery featuring even more landmarks to buzz, even more home towns to visit, even more city residents to annoy.

Unfortunately for SubLogic, although the scenery disks are good, they're a little over-priced for what amounts to blue above, green below and some box-like buildings and wire-frame bridges in between. Consequently, discerning electronic pilots didn't exactly block traffic forming queues outside their local software stores to buy them!

To get around this, the latest scenery disks had many added bonuses such as extra navigation aids, highly detailed ground features and interesting challenges for you to complete, and the latest offering, Hawaiian Odyssey, is no exception.

But what places this disk light years ahead of the others is that it comes with a little feature tentatively described as Experimental Scenery. I can just feel a ripple of anticipation running through you...

Turns out that the experimental scenery is the whackiest collection of objects any pilot ever had to encounter. Salvador Dali will be turning in his grave in envy. Enormous pianos, giant kitches, Egyptian pyramids, airports in the sky - even a giant sailing ship, fully rigged and waiting for you to fly around, over or through.

Such fun! Even flight purists for whom the mere mention of a trigger button or invader from another world would send into an apoplectic convulsion of outraged pompousity will enjoy the craziest flight of their lives.

What's that? Hawaii? Oh, yeah, Hawaii's there too, resplendent in its several islands of glory. There's even an adventure/challenge involving you cavorting around trying to locate the secret jewel of the Goddess Pele.

26 airstrips, lots of visual approach slope indicators, landing lights systems and numerous other navigational aids complete the package.

There's also the usual collection of maps, airport vectors and scenery discussions with a plastic wallet in which to keep it all in the box.


Absolutely wonderful. If you're into Flight Simulation II then this scenery disk is more of the same colourful and geographically accurate landscaping with volcanoes, patchwork ground detail, trees and other features all stunningly represented.

Sound consists of the usual engine buzz, but then this is meant to be straight flight simulation and snappy toons aren't necessary.


SubLogic have struck gold with this one. Many of the other disks were criticised for being somewhat lacking in features considering the 20 quid asking price. But Hawaiian Odyssey will repay your investment by providing you with many hours of enjoyable - if fanciful - flight. See you at the pyramids for drinks.

Jerry Glenwright

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