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Sam Stoat - Safebreaker
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #107


Following in the footsteps of its Monty Mole series, Gremlin has introduced a new character - Sam Stoat.

Sam, who comes complete with swag bag, aims to enter one of four mansions, each with 20 rooms, and crack the closely guarded safe. Each mansion gets progressively tougher.

In order to blow open a safe, Sam has to find a bomb and a match. Once he has the bomb, and it's as big as he is, Sam has to drag it around with him wherever he goes.

The rooms are attractively and colourfully depicted. There's no scrolling - the screen clears at the edge of one room and refills the next.

An alternative method of leaving a room is by walking through a mousehole in the skirting board. This takes Sam to the edge of a water-filled pit which he must cross, if he's clever enough, by leaping from one moving platform to another.

The game is similar in style to Monty Is Innocent but more interesting. The animation is not as strong or smooth as some games, but it is effective.

For a zany challenge, with bright colourful graphics, Sam Stoat fits the bill nicely.

Bob Chappell

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