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Finders Keepers
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #105


As Magic Knight, you aim to obtain a place at the famous Polygon Table by exploring a castle and collecting treasures for the King's daughter.

At first sight a platform game, Finders Keepers does have some absorbing variations. As well as amassing objects, you examine, drop, sell or even trade them with some of the locals. And you don't start out on your quest totally destitute - your worldly goods consist of a lump of cheese, an Olympic medal and a chunk of catmeat.

In just the early part of my travels, I came across even odder objects: Gordon's Foot (whatever that is), a carving knife, a philosopher's stone, a pile of mud and a tube of glue. Some interact with others.

A panel at the side of the screen shows the total value of your assets, cash in hand, lives and energy remaining. The list of objects you are carrying is displayed whenever you attempt to pick up another.

Each room is separately named and has its own screen. Move to an exit on one screen and your knight, looking like Snoopy in armour, pops up in the adjoining room. There are two exceptions. Somewhere in the castle are two mazes, which both feature multi-directional scrolling over several screens.

Many rooms are similar, being differently configured platforms, but there is a good cross-section of ghouls, ghosties and gizmos, and the graphics are clean and clear. Animation is smooth and presentation and screen layout are top notch.

This thoroughly enjoyable game has plenty of depth and interest. Even at three times the price it would still be excellent value. At its budget price it's a smasher.

Bob Chappell

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