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Corridors Of Genon
By New Generation
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #039

Sci-fi Maze

Maze games, particularly the three dimensional variety, are becoming quite thick on the ground and authors are having to introduce new elements to tickle the customer's jaded palate. Here's one that has some novel features - circular corridors, sliding doors and code breaking.


Genon is destroying the galactic system. One hope remains - to penetrate the inner sanctum of Genon's computer centre, destroy it, then get out again. A nasty creature called Bogul patrols the corridors and will try to stop you. Doors in front and to either side must be opened for access to the inner layers - they can only be unlocked by a unique code. You are in a race against time and the enemy.

In Play

Supplied with the game is a neat, gold-numbered overlay which transforms the lefthand side of the Spectrum keyboard into an easily distinguishable numeric keypad.

Corridors Of Genon

The game starts by giving you an opportunity to practise your skills at code breaking. The screen displays a console surrounded by flashing lights. Rather like the old Mastermind game, you need to find a three-digit code - the console displays a histogram telling you if a number is correct and in the right sequence. When the histogram shows a pile of six black squares, you've cracked the code.

You then plunge into the corridors, a series of curving red and yellow tunnels. Blue squares ahead or to the side are closed doors which must be opened by typing in the appropriate code. To help you, the top of the screen shows the positions of three adjacent doors, the codes of which are displayed or left as question marks. Entering the correct code causes the door to slide up with a hiss, allowing your entrance.

The steady sound of plodding footsteps alerts you to the nearly presence of Bogul, a round bodied, long-limbed creature. Meeting it head-on is harmful to your health. If you bolt through a door with Bogul close behind, it's advisable to shut it again (with the code) to hinder the creature's progress. Meanwhile, the central computer is opening and closing doors by itself and there is always a chance that the door before you may open by itself and bring you face to face with you-know-who.


Corridors Of Genon is an unusual game but the combination of maze-running and codebreaking may prove a bit too complicated for some tastes.

Bob Chappell

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