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Buggy Blast
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #097


'Blast' is the operative word in this space shoot-'em-up game. The graphics and movement are extremely impressive, but the game has a serious flaw - no joystick option.

The game starts inside a detailed mothership where your buggy is being prepared for launch. At this point you are given the option of using either the cursor or another set of predefined keys.

The buggy is powered up, launched into space, and then down into the dreaded Lurgon Corridor, the enemy stronghold.

Buggy Blast

Your buggy will zoom along the wire-frame Corridor under its own steam (sorry, Argon Crystal Converter). What you have to do is point and fire your lasers at the various approaching aliens.

The laser sights are twin prongs that move up, down, left and right. For really mean aliens, you may need to fire a Xion Phaser instead. The Lurgons have a wide range of defences in their six sectors: cytrax cannons, helibombers, orbital saucers and doomships (most impressive), and argon magnets. As if that wasn't enough, there's also time spinners, radiation storms, reverse gravity zones, time zones and mine jammers. Alternatively, you can jump from the Corridor back into space and try to dock with the mothership.

The whole game is graphically superb: colour, movement, and sound are all used effectively, and there's enough variety of action to keep you interested.

Bob Chappell

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