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Shoot The Rapids
By New Generation
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #101


The phrase 'career prospects' took on a new meaning when I started this canoeing simulation.

Although the idea is to navigate a frail canoe down a fast-flowing stretch of river, I spent most of my time careering from bank to bank. Going through the starting gate sideways does nothing to inspire confidence in one's ability to pass through the more awkwardly placed gates on the course.

The view is aerial and the downwards scrolling scenery is river and banks. Skilful waggling of the joystick (or two-fingered key-tapping) controls the movements of the canoe paddle.

Shoot The Rapids

The current runs strongest in the centre of the river, so it's tempting to stay there. The trouble is, it's all too easy to go flashing past one of the gates, thereby suffering a penalty.

Although you're going against the clock, heavy time penalties are accumulated for missing gates or denting one of the pointed ends of your canoe. Smack the side against the bank and you're for the early bath.

Finishing the course within the qualifying time gains you entrance to the harder levels, where added hazards include islands, rocks, a motor boat and a mischievous beaver. You only get one life so you're sunk if you sink.

The graphics are fairly simple (there's not much you can do with a wide stretch of river) but the scrolling is very smooth. There is optional music but it doesn't soothe. Controlling the canoe is what this one's all about.

Shoot The Rapids is well done, no question, but there isn't enough to keep you coming back for more.

It also lacks that certain pizazz - the river coursed but my adrenalin didn't.

Bob Chappell

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