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Finders Keepers
By Mastertronic
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #38

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers was originally written on the Spectrum about a year ago and it's stood the test of time well. From then on, it's been converted for a number of computers and now, thanks to Adrian Shepherd, it's finally out for the C16 and Plus/4.

I know this is one of those many Manic Miner clones out on the software market. But somehow it's one of the best currently available - along with Monty On The Run and Manic Miner itself. It isn't just a platform game though, it also includes a maze, and has a few traders, who fortunately are nothing like Arthur Daley.

Finders Keepers loads with a new type of loading system that Mastertronic haven't used before, and it's fast. If they can do it on budget games, why can't everyone else?

The game starts with you in front of the King of Isbisima. He's worried about his daughter's birthday tomorrow, so he sends you into the Castle of Spriteland where you have to search for that special gift. To make it a little more difficult, the castle has some deadly-to-the-touch creatures, many are ghosts of the former Queen of Isbisima.

Scattered around the castle are triangles, which represent objects which are possible (at most times) to pick up or examine. One nice feature is that you can combine two items together to another better or worse item. I experienced this feature in the maze when I picked up a mouse; there was a crunch and it turned into a fat mouse. I think it ate the cheese that I was carrying at the time!

The traders are nice people, they've never let me down. As long as I can provide them with the dough, the goods are mine. To avoid sexism there's a lady trader called Anna, she's equally good as the other traders.

The platform part of the game is very nicely made, but the screen's been reduced to save memory, so everything seems rather small. The ghoulies are well animated and move along their separate paths smoothly, and that also goes for Magic Knight (you) as well. You can only carry six items at a time, but it's possible to drop anything.

There are a few parts to the game where the controls are a bit dodgy, namely the trading sequence. You may accidentally end up buying something you didn't ask for; no need to worry because the astoundingly decent traders will give you a refund. Also, the sound, it's very poor, and there are a lot of silent patches, which don't do the game any favours.

The sheer size of the game was a surprise for me, what with all those ghouls, the scrolling maze and all of those rooms littered with objects and monsters. At first sight it looks like another boring platform game, but the more you get into it, the more you'll enjoy it.

A definite must for platform and puzzle freaks, at two quid you can't go wrong.

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