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Crypt Capers
By Software Projects
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #34

Crypt Capers

Software Projects is a company comparatively new on the Beeb scene making a name for itself by converting its old Spectrum classics to work on the BBC Micro. If the company has many more tricks like Crypt Capers up its sleeve then the name it makes will likely be a less than complimentary one.

This game smacks of conversion. Even the loading instructions are wrong (you try and find the 'earphone socket' on your Beeb!). Games of this standard, though applauded in their time, have long since failed to compete with the best of today's current offerings. It is certainly no way to establish a good reputation.

The action takes place in the Pharo's (their spelling) pyramid. You have to chase around the various maze-like rooms, picking up objects and avoiding or shooting the fireballs, ghosts, snakes, and so on, striving to reach the next chamber - a kind of ancient Egyptian Pacman, but without the cute and cuddly characters.

To say that Crypt Capers is boring is opinionated, but to say that the controls are slow-reacting, the backgrounds unimaginative, and sound effects poor is all fact.

Geoff Bains

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