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By Rainbird
Archimedes A3000

Published in Acorn User #078

It's A Yuppie's Life


A couple of years ago, Rainbird released a game that was to change the face of adventure games. The Pawn was regarded by many as the definitive graphical adventure. Versions were released for virtually all the computers around at the time, except the humble BBC. Now that Acorn has ventured into the 32-bit market Arc owners can at last experience the delights of Magnetic Scrolls' adventures like The Pawn.

Unlike the swords and sorcery-soaked plots of previous games Corruption is set in the bang-up-to-date City of London. You begin as a new partner in a firm of stockbrokers, and have to fight hard to keep your head about the financial water.

The game is littered throughout with the lifestyle trappings of the yuppie, from the CD player in your partner's office, through to the Porsches and BMWs in the underground car park.

The packaging is of the high-quality expected of Rainbird and even that has not escaped 'yuppification'. All the instructions are printed on 6-hole 'filofax-type' paper. A cassette of the Corruption music, plus a doctored interview featuring 'yours truly' is included.

Unlike most other adventures, there is no ultimate quest, although staying alive could be regarded as important. Points are awarded for carrying out tasks and overcoming problems. Like other games, these often have to be carried out in the correct order, and to make it really hard, all at the right time. Every move you make counts as one minute, so think before you act. With luck, there are many other people to meet on your travels - be kind to the Tramp, and whatever you do, don't let Nurse Stephenson catch you creeping about!

This has to be one of the best games I've ever played. For someone weaned on text-only 'classics' as Philosopher's Quest and Snowball, Corruption seems to have everything that I've ever wanted in an adventure game. With excellent pictures to illustrate the locations and a command parser that understands even complex sentences, Corruption gets top marks in my view. Well done, Rainbird! Now let's have The Pawn, The Guild Of Thieves and Jinxter to complete the set!

Robert Miller

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