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Cisco Heat
By Image Works
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #85

If you're going to San Francisco, you'd better belt up - or else!

Cisco Heat

Do you remember that golden oldie of a cop series The Streets of Francisco? If you do, then you'll probably recall some of those awesome car chase scenes.

San Francisco is renowned for its wicked road twists and bumps, in particular the famous Telegraph Hill. This lumpy hill has been used so often that it must be a familiar sight to most of us by now.

Fancy a spin on it? Well here's your chance. Belt up and get set for one of the most spectacular race games to date in Cisco Heat.

The scenario? The streets of SF have been sealed off in preparation for the annual policeman's race through the city. The SFPC includes some of the meanest, toughest drivers around, getting daily experience from tailing crooks throughout their beat.

Your task is to get in there alongside them and beat them to the finish line. This is going to be some ride.

Faithfully reproducing all of the right bends and ups and downs of the city, Cisco Heat is a masterful simulation from the very beginning. The roadholding is fantastic and the collisions are totally realistic, just take care not to fall out of your chair.

Utilising some excellent mapping, you can be sure of your location at all times, as well as your position amongst the competitors. The main problem is going to be in keeping your eyes on the road, as the game features some superb 3D graphics and backdrops, not to mention the realistic sound effects that continually bombard your ears.

Getting off to a good start is all well and good but the main test comes in the form of staying at the head of the field. Most of these drivers are hardened professionals and their pride is very much at stake on their home ground.

Things are going to get decidedly bumpy out there as the race progresses. If you can manage to keep your nose ahead of the field, you may be lucky enough to miss out on the rough and tumble.

Give one of your opponent's the edge, however, and you could be in for a very bruising time indeed.

The controls are easily mastered and marvellously responsive. Just be careful not to oversteer on some of the corners, or you could find yourself in some very embarrassing situations all round.

All in all, Cisco Heat is a real winner, and has to be rated as one of the best race simulations to date. If you fancy a taste of the real thing, give it a test drive and see it for yourself. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas eat your hearts out, you've got some new title contenders hot on your trail, and they are not going to give in too easily. Go get 'em, folks.

John Taylor

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