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By Kempston
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #37


Chicane was released at much the same time as Acornsoft's Revs and, as such, came in for a lot of flack when compared against that epic. Chicane is nowhere near the standard of Revs, either in programming or realism. However, it does provide a good racing game for the Beeb.

The format is standard enough. You first have to qualify and then you pit your skills against the other drivers in the race proper. The controls are simple to master. There's only five of them. This means that you don't need a degree in keyboard manipulation to have fun with this game, unlike Revs.

The graphics are good. You view the track over the car's dashboard and have a good view of the speed and gear indicators, the rear view mirrors, and the track ahead.

Unlike more realistic simulations, when you crash into the roadside signs, or other cars, you just start up again and carry on. It's funny, but in a crash the other guy always seems to just go speeding off, leaving you to shift down gears and enter the race again. However, Chicane is generally within everyone's grasp - financially and skilfully - and great fun with it.

Geoff Bains

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