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The Micro User

Zany Kong
By Solar Soft
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 1.07

Gorilla Crazy!

I don't know what it is about gorillas but they do something to people in the micro computing world.

Magazine editors will drop pages of priceless prose (i.e. mine) in order to print something which has a picture of a gorilla.

Beginners go to great trouble learn ing all about user defined graphics, construct some huge ape, stick it on top of a building and then torment it. Did no one watch David Attenborough talking to the great apes in the jungle? I know they're not as pretty as Fay Wray but even so they deserve a little better treatment than they're get ting in the Second Industrial Revolu tion!

Anyway, it was nice to come across Solar Soft's Zany Kong, a game where the Gorilla Fights Back. The idea is pretty familiar to most micro users (is there anything new under the sun, I ask?).

Kong is at the top of a series of plat forms or scaffolding or whatever, and he has a blonde as his prisoner. (Apes and gentlemen prefer blondes, it seems.)

Our Morris has to rescue her, climb ing various ladders and leaping agilely over fireballs, barrels and other nasties. He picks up tools and bonus points on the way and eventually gets a chance at killing Kong. Boo.

It's hardly the most original game on the market but it's fun and it's nicely done. Pleasant but not anything to ape about

Nigel Peters