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Worm Attack
By Pulsonic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #5

Worm Attack

This is a 'Bozy Boa cum Snake' game, where you are the snake in a garden. The object is to wander round, eating the fruit in the garden but avoiding the rocks. With each screen cleared you get longer. Hitting a rock, the edge of the garden or reversing direction on yourself, or hitting your own tail means a loss of life.


Control keys: cursors
Joystick: Protek, AGF
Keyboard play: reasonably responsive
Use of colour: very poor
Graphics: very poor
Sound: poor, just a few beeps
Skill levels: you get longer with each completed screen
Lives: 5

Comment 1

'This is a very out-of-date game now, and most of the existing versions are much better done. The graphics are extremely simple, the fruit being white crosses, the rocks are dark blobs and the snake is a series of blue circles with dots in them and a drawn head. Including the green background, this means only four colours have been used. The BASIC makes everything quite slow.'

Comment 2

'A snake, eating and getting longer game. Not an unreasonable version but the graphics are not exactly what I would call stunning. Cursor keys for control are poor too. This is a not very inspiring version of a game that is practically an antique now.'

Comment 3

'The game idea (very old now) is quite playable, and I have played versions which, because of their graphics, have been very addictive. This one has no graphics to speak of, and so despite the low price is hardly worth it, unless it's to introduce a very young player to the computer.'

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