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Witch's Cauldron
By Mikro-Gen
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #1

Witch's Cauldron

And now for something quite different. Mikrogen's Witch's Cauldron is a full-blown graphical adventure in which you enter commands at the keyboard and watch yourself move about the screen, exploring different locations. This game will certainly keep you on the hop, since at the beginning at least you appear in the role of a small toad, courtesy of the wicked witch Hazel.

Your objective is to find certain magic ingredients and solve a number of riddles which will eventually enable you to return to human form, but not before you've put in some very different appearances!

The graphics are truly excellent - well up to Pyjamarama standards - and despite the obvious effort that's been put into them the text side of the game hasn't suffered too much as a result. There's a reasonable vocabulary and a number of things to find and use.

Witch's Cauldron is a great fun to play but very frustrating! The White Wizard has been struggling with it for quite some time and still hasn't got very far. Being a toad is bad enough, but turning into a bat and getting eaten is a bit hard to take. Nevertheless, I'm thoroughly enjoying playing this game and recommend you hop down to the shops and get a copy.

The White Wizard

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