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Winged Warlords
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.12

Take to the sky - astride an ostrich

Winged Warlords is a arcade game in which you are invited to take to the skies - but not in vour Cobra Mk 3 with military lasers. This time you are sat astride a great big ostrich with a lance tucked under your arm.

Yes, now is your big chance to display your skills in the medieval sport of jousting.

The battlefield is a large open sky in which hover several platforms. The platforms, should you manage to fly up to one, are ideal places upon which to lie in wait for a passing warlord.

Winged Warlords

When tackling an opponent it is the player with the highest lance who will be the victor. The key to success in this game is definitely your ability to master the art of Hying. The controls are simple: left, right, and flap.

Flapping however is not that simple. This is probably under standable, the ostrich being a flightless bird.

The rapid fire technique that has served us all so well through the years is quite useless.

Winged Warlords

Superior Software give a hint on the cassette inlay: "Imagine you arc an ostrich trying to fly". Slower, stronger, key depress ions are far more effective. This, however, is very difficult to remember when a warlord is bearing down on you and you can't get the thing off the ground.

A successful clash with a warlord results in him reverting to his original form - an egg. You must, at some time during the melee, make contact with the egg or it will hatch to produce a new adversary.

At the base of the screen is a lava pool, covered by a layer of rock during the first screen. In subsequent screens it has no such covering and is to be avoided at all costs.

Even a low pass over the lava may entice the pool's inhabitant to make a grab for your steed. Once in the grip of the beast your only hope lies in your mastery of the powerful flap.

I enjoyed this game thoroughly, and so will you.

James Riddell

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