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Werewolf Simulator
By Top Ten
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #75

Werewolf Simulator

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is what the title implies, an exciting 3-D simulation in which you hear the laboured breathing, see the fangs sprouting, and watch as you transform into a slavering monster. No such luck. What we have here is a standard GACed adventure.

You begin with very little idea of what's going on, and with the help of various clues such as telephone messages and suspicious injuries, figure out that you're a journalist who has been attacked by a werewolf. The adventure runs quite fast and some of the graphics are of a high standard.

There are some oddities though, at one stage the text read "...leads west to 2nd Street," I typed, "go north," and ended up in, you guessed it 2nd Street. A long curved street? Some common commands such as Examine seem to be ignored much of the time, and overall what promises to be very good from the synopsis ends up as just mediocre.

Overall Summary

Regular budget adventure codswallop with an unusually misleading title. For the casual adventurer only.

Tony Dillon

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