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By Carswell Computing

Published in A&B Computing 3.02

Typeasy is a disc-based typing tutor with 139 graded lessons. The earlier exercises show a (crude) diagram of the keyboard layout, which is dispensed with on later exercises to make room for longer passages of text.

I have to say that I could not get on at all with this program which seemed to be a typewriter rather than wordprocessor-oriented. It prints your mistakes but does not allow use of the DELETE key - so you are forced to stare at your error until the exercise is finished. To add insult to injury one is also required to press RETURN at the end of each line, typewriter-style - a habit which I have now totally unlearned.

There is no use of colour or imaginative screen displays but you do have the option of musical tunes being played as you press the keys - on some exercises these sound a rude note to signal an error. You can also review your progress and dump this to printer if available. I suppose Typeasy does the basic job it sets out to do, but I personally found it clumsy and irritating to use.

Jonathan Evans

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