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Twin Kingdom Valley
By Bug Byte
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 3.12

This graphical adventure combines some of the better elements of monster-bashing with the puzzles usually associated with text-only adventures. There are 175 "pictures" in the adventure and since you can "look" at some of the objects within the locations this leads me to assume that there are about 160 actual locations.

You play the typical greedy adventurer and the object of your quest is to collect all the treasure you can find and deposit it safely. When you've scored the maximum points of 1024 you will find that you have a further problem. What to do next.

The program loads in several parts and full loading instructions are given during loading. When the adventure starts you're asked to choose one of six options. These determine whether you have the graphics displayed or not and the type of messages you want about your location. You can alter these during the course of the game by typing OPTION. As soon as you have made your choice the adventure proper begins.

Twin Kingdom Valley

You find yourself on a road outside the cabin. Inside the cabin are three objects that will come in handy. At this point I would suggest that you save the game as should you die the program simply ends. If you have a game saved you can restart by using *LOAD otherwise you have to load the game back in from the start.

I think it is quite inexcusable for Bug-Byte not to have given you the option of playing another game. On saving the game, using SAVE, you will see that you're in fact saving three programs, one of which is 24 blocks long.

Anyway, back to the game. You'll find that over 100 locations are readily accessible and are generally logical.

Twin Kingdom Valley

For example, moving North and then South brings you back to the location you started from. However, this isn't always the case, especially when underground, so making a map is a must.

You will meet various characters most of whom, if armed, will attack you on sight. An elf will carry things for you, but is sometimes reluctant to let you have them back. This same elf is also a positive nuisance when mapping underground - he kept picking up the objects I was dropping in order to make my map!

It is possible to frighten off or kill the characters you meet but you need to be at maximum strength (190 points) and armed with a better weapon than them.

Twin Kingdom Valley

This is also a good way of obtaining any treasure they may be carrying since they quite often drop them if you are winning. Watch out for your strength points after doing battle, they will be very low and any further combat will probably finish you off.

A good tip if your strength is low is to WAIT for a bit since every command you give builds up your strength. If you are near Watersmeet, a quick dip will work wonders.

On the subject of strength points, don't drink too much ale in the local inn - it's definitely not good for you.

Twin Kingdom Valley

The graphics are excellent and quickly drawn but tend to slow the game down a lot, so doubtless you'll do the same as me and use the OPTION command to turn them off. I've mapped about 140 locations and collected a few treasures but frankly, I don't think I'm nearer to finishing than when I started.

I've tried giving the crystal ball to the castle witch but keep getting killed. I've tried throwing water, oil and everything else at the dragon but still can't get the master key. I'm afraid that the adventure doesn't generate enough atmosphere for me to want to persevere with it. Having said that, if anyone has completed it and would like to send me a map of it I will mention them in my bedtime prayers.

Overall, Twin Kingdom Valley is impressive. It is extremely well-programmed and packaged. However, the save game facility and the abrupt ending, along with the characters in the program, who are more of an impediment than a problem, tend to make me reluctant to recommend it.

Yet the mail I've received about it tends to indicate that a lot of people do like it. My advice therefore is to go to your friendly computer dealer, grovel and try before you buy!

Rog Frost

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