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By Silicon Joy
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #18


Three games on one tape, hence the title. The first of these is Dracula's Castle. The scenario is a maze of rooms (Pacman-style) inside the castle which has bats flying everywhere. While Dracula sleeps in his coffin you have to rise from your bed and rush around turning on the lights to score points. If you happen to bump into a bar you are stunned, unless you find some garlic first, which turns you green and allows you to eat the bats. Every hour (about one minute in real time) a clock strikes and Dracula awakes and rushes around switching the ights off. If he finds you, you are killed. An excellent game considering that it's only one of three.

The next game in the trilogy is Ascot, a horse-racing game. In this you have to study form before each race and, starting with your stake money, can either bet to win or place. Once you have placed your bets, the race is shown with some well-drawn but fairly simple graphics.

The third game is a simple maze of corridors. As you move your man around, you leave a yellow trail, and the idea is to go down every corridor. To stop you is a series of nasties which zoom up and down trying to kill you on contact. If you manage to clear the first maze, another maze appears which is a little longer.

All the games on this tape are very enjoyable and should keep everyone of all ages amused.

Clive Smith

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