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Treasure Island
By The Adventure Workshop
Amstrad 6128/PCW

Published in Amstrad Action #87

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is based on the classic book by Robert Louis Stevenson with the player acting the role of the cabin boy Jim Hawkins. The game is faithful to the storyline of the book - you'll meet most of the characters (including the Doctor, Squire and the infamous Long John Silver) and fans of the story will feel right at home.

"PAWed" in two parts, Treasure Island was originally written on the Spectrum and has been converted by Phil Reynolds, the head honcho at TAW.

The puzzles are mostly very well done, although there are a couple of time-related puzzles that can be annoying to complete as the time allotted is very short. Make one wrong move or mistype a command and you're dead!

Treasure Island has all the ingredients of a good game - plenty of atmosphere (especially for adventurers who have read the original book), good puzzles that aren't too difficult, some well-designed mazes and a large number of locations. Well worth seeking out.


Atmosphere 72%
Atmospheric, especially if you've read the original story

Interaction 72%
The parser works fine, often a stumbling block in adventures

Challenge 75%
Two parts and some tough puzzles means there's plenty to do

Overall 79%

The Balrog

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