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The Worm In Paradise
By Level 9 Computing
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #2

Beast Of Eden

Level 9's new adventure The Worm In Paradise is set on the far-distant planet of Eden. But all is not well in the Garden. Join Death as he takes you on the trip of a lifetime - or rather several lifetimes. Nothing is impossible on Paradise...

Yes come to Enoch, the capital of Eden. Level 9 Tours is offering 200 colourful locations packed full of fun, night-life and wild surprises and if you don't believe it just take a look at the brochure.


Capital Investment
You arrive in Eden, with the special Trans-Ident Soul-Swop facility, in the body of a typical Eden dweller who's drinking in the pleasure of Reveline's Dream Parlour - dreamy eh? Well not everything's as dreamy as Eden isn't always a paradise.

Throw away your Eden-English, English-Eden pocket dictionary for a start. These guys aren't Neanderthals - they speak a rather simplified standard Galactic English. Your Speccy Bio-Trans facility features a thousand word vocabulary that'll give you more rabbit than a well known Enoch supermarket chain.

If you fancy a visit to one of Enoch's emporiums you'll need the standard currency unit - the Cred. Sorry but American Express Inter-Galactic Traveller's cheques won't do nicely here. Prices are a bit hight than on Earth but a good thing's worth paying that bit extra for.

Here are some of Eden's heavenly prices:

Reveline's Dream Parlour - 9 creds
Pleasure Dome Entrance - 9 creds
Newspaper - free
Museum - free
Casino - 1 cred
Pie - 9 creds

In fact all's fine in Eden, 'cept of course, the fines. You may be offered a few things on the streets for free. That's 'cos they're illegal.

Yeah, it is the other way round on Earth. Fines, like the Space Patrol Group, can be heavy but don't worry there's always a way to recoup your losses in Eden.


For being in debt - 50 creds
Possession of an illegal object - 9 creds
Theft - 500 creds


A wealth of health
Many travellers fear the unknown. Will I be able to drink the water? Do I need vaccines? Relax! The inhabitant of Eden have discovered the secret of almost eternal life - thanks to the transplant of worn-out bodily organs.

So if you fancy a fling in the Pleasure Dome or you want to buy a pet (or pay a fine!) it could cost you an arm and a leg - literally! A limb'll bring in about 600 creds cash-in-hand - that's if you've got a hand to hold it in! Enoch Hospital, south of the City Square will do a quick clean job, cut-price!


See the natives in their local habitat!
Eden's inhabitants are a friendly bunch. Many of them are robots who're going about their daily lives oblivious of the curious tourists around them - yes you! Fuzzbots, the local constabulary, are on hand to keep you out of trouble. But if you do get up to naughties - buying illegal items, shoplifting, insolvency - the gates of Eden's gaol won't close on you, you'll only be fined.


Sites and sounds
Firstly, you start at the Pleasure Dome. If you really want some fun you can throw crap in the Casino, muse in the museums and visit the pet shop. It'll cost you, but for a holiday like this it's worth going out on a limb even if you're left without a leg to stand on.

The Museum
See the inflatable Kim Kimberley, complete with bowl of lentil porridge! Keep your hands off her, or you won't keep your hands on! Remember here on Eden they can remove organs other planets can't teach!

The Casino
Great fun this! Just select a colour and pull the arm of the One-Armed-Bandit, watch his eyes light up and your credit balance drop! It's a scream and you might even win some money - there's a twenty cred jackpot waiting for some lucky tourist.

Revelines Dream Dome
Just the thing for the weary travellers! Enter your choice of chamber, don the visor, and enjoy a brief but invigorating sleep with a special pre-programmed nightmare. Eeeekkk!

The City Plaza
A tribute to modern civil engineering, this is one location every tourist should have on his or her list. You should also visit the Municipal Buildings and the Monument on Glory Road. And when you're ready to go further afield try the Eden Transport System.

Round And About In Eden

No great big red double decker turbo buses here - just the smooth sophistication of the pedway that connects each city district. Earthling's find it all a bit disorienting as the roundabouts are numerous and they all look the same! And with forty million colour-coded destinations don't blame it on us if you end up off the beaten pedway. The Michelin guides are a bit thin here so your best bet is to draw yourself a map. If all else fails Level 9 Tours can provide you with a simple program that'll enable you to get where you're going.

Street Cred

Part of our bumper package is a set of Trad-Clads - well we don't want you arrested for indecency do we? - and 100 creds. We also supply you with a personal designer tattoo, a device that'll tell you the time and also keep a check on your finances. Every Eden hour it'll buzz - like those quaint 20th Century ones that used to go off all over the cinema when the film was just getting to a good bit. Should you succumb to the magic of Eden then you could have a spaceman's holiday - and do a job of work. But don't forget that you must be properly registered.

Grim Reaper

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