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The Sports Compilation
By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #84

The Sports Collection

Three games - that's the sort of streamlined and recession-friendly '90s compilation size we're used to. Pro Tennis Tour, reviewed in this month's Action Replay, is an average tennis game. Playable, but not really very inspired.

And then we come to Run The Gauntlet, loosely based on the TV programme of that name, which consists of lots of little gamelets strung together Epyx style into a game (of sorts). The go-karting bit is fairly reasonable, but most of the other sections are sadder than a Hollywood weepie. The 'wild man running' part is a particularly traumatic experience, which we have yet to fully recover from.

Finally there's Italia '90, a football game with brilliant graphics and very good playability. One particularly good feature is the way the screen view switches from overhead mode to goal view mode when someone's bearing down on the target.

The Sports Collection is a bit of a poor package, sadly. If you're only putting three games on a compilation, it would be a good idea to make sure at least two of them are decent. Italia '90 is the only semi-worthy thing here.

Adam Peters

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