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The Medical Profession
By Careerdata
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.09

This program is one of a series of Job Knowledge Indices; other programs cover a range of occupations such as teaching, finance and so on. I assume that the others have a similar format to this one, in which you can gather information about five occupations: doctor, dentist, dietician, pharmacist and optician. In each case, you are given about 20 statements about the nature of work and lifestyle involved which you must rate as true or false. You are then given feedback with comments. At the end you are advised on the degree of understanding you have about the top and given addresses to write to for further information.

I assume that these programs are aimed primarily at schools, though Local Authority careers offices might be interested (the CBM64 and 480Z machines are also supported). You certainly need a lot of potential users to make purchase worthwhile, since no-one individual will want to spend too long on the program. Optional extras are "activity packs" comprised of a plastic wallet with response and answer sheets and further documentation.

I must say that the program is really rather dull and makes minimal use of the computer's facilities. I am never happy with software which does little more than a printed book could do, and provides a great deal less information in the process. In view of the potential market, it might have been more sensible to produce a disc-based program with access to a much larger database, instead of a single program limited by space in memory. (I assume the disc version is the same program that I was sent on tape.) Nevertheless, these programs would be of some value to school careers officers who are hard pressed for time to deal with individual queries.

Jonathan Evans

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