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The Life Of Repton
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #067

Repton, the character who has appeared in more sequels that Sylvester Stallone, is back for the fifth time!

In The Life Of Repton you have to guide baby Repton from short trousers, through his rebellious teens and into the Post Office for his pension.

Gameplay is identical to the original Repton 3 and Around The World In 40 Screens, with different graphics and new levels to complete. Each set of eight screens makes up a stage in Repton's life, of which there are five. These are Repton as a baby, at school, as a teenager, at work, and lastly, Repton as an OAP!

The Life Of Repton

The new characters are well thought out and, more importantly, amusing. As well as provoked dogs, there are aggressive mods, vindictive bosses, and annoyed wives. When Repton is at school, instead of fungus, there is homework. At work it is replaced by filing trays!

The new screens are trickier than ever. As you would expect, the ultimate level is particularly sneaky. Upon starting you find yourself surrounded by false teeth - the equivalent of spirits in Repton 3. As with all Repton screens it is possible, just! I shall not tell you the password but it isn't too difficult to work out.

If you liked Repton 3 then you will love The Life Of Repton. It's a great game, but Superior beware - you can't squeeze much more life out of poor old Repton!

Richard Bellis

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