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The House Of The Living Dead
By Phipps Associates
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #2

The House of The Living Dead

With another title sounding like an adventure game, Phipps offer The House of the Living Dead. This is a simple maze arcade game, a post-Pac Man variant. It seems your travel agent has booked you into a rather odd kind of hostelry, where you wake up in the night with a bat flitting above your head.

This noisome happening alerts you to the fact that your other room mates are all ghouls and monsters and creeping severed hands. Not a pleasant sight!

Fortunately, having seen many cheap Dracula movies, you are aware that if only you can collect the four pieces of the cross from the room's corners and bring them all to the centre, the life force which will emanate from it will kill the nasties off and let you progress to the next level where there will be even more horrors awaiting you. Serves you right for opting to take a cheap holiday package.


Control keys: cursors
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: average
Colour: reasonable
Graphics: good
Sound: average
Skill levels: gets harder
Lives: 4

Comment 1

'It's an extremely simple game to play, just move your man around the uncomplicated maze and collect the four L-shaped bits of a cross. In the centre is a red square. If you are carrying a piece of the cross when you touch it, the piece is automatically located and you can go after the next piece. There are four different types of monster, starting off with one on screen one, two on screen two and so on. With each level you just get more monsters to cope with. On that basis it does get to be quite difficult.'

Comment 2

'This is quite a good game, with reasonable graphics and it is fun to play, but not very addictive. An original version of what is now an unoriginal game. For what it's worth, your little man resembles Morph off the TV - at least my cousin thinks so.'

Comment 3

'The animation of your man is good, but there's not much to the game really. It works on the attrition principle of just wearing you down by numbers. A better arrangement of keys would have helped too; the cursors never function well with fingers. Quite good sound; I would think a good, tough game for younger age groups In preparation for alien-zapping.'

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