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The Hacker
By Firebird
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 4.10

This hacker really has little to do with hacking. However it makes an interesting and topical story line for the game. It's actually a Manic Miner type levels game. There are twelve screens and man different puzzles and obstacles to overcome. Your objective is to gain access to the central computer games' library.

You are cast in the role of a small man who is able to pass through electrical circuits. It's here that the action takes place. You must pass through your modem into the telephone network. Then it's out of the mainframe's modem, into its buffer, down its data bus and into the central processing unit. Then you can access the files.

On each screen are five floppy discs to collect and a time limit in which to do it. The time remaining when you've completed the screen is added to your score.

The Hacker

Any screen can be practised without having to start at the beginning and go through each one. This is a useful feature which I wish more games had.

The graphics are quite nice but the movement of the characters is fairly slow and they aren't very smooth. This spoils the game somewhat. I should imagine it's much better on the BBC Micro with that little bit extra speed.

However having said that, Firebird software tends to be cheaper than most, so taking that into account it's a reasonable game.


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