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The Centurions
By Reaktor
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #23

The Centurions

Oh cripes! Doc Terror has nabbed a load of Tyron-dichromate and is about to destroy life as we know it, and probably Phil Snout, too! There's only one thing to do... call in the Centurions. This is where you come in, so snap your weapon systems onto your Exoframe, put on your cool shades and it's Powerxtreme!

Yes, I know the Centurions don't wear shades but you'll have to if you want to survive long, 'cos with this game it's Eye-strainxtreme. Not only is the colour scheme as garish as you can possibly imagine, but the sprites are miniscule, dotty blobs which flicker as they move around and flicker even more when the screen scrolls, but then the whole screen flickers while scrolling!

Centurions is hardly hot on the originality front either; it is a sort of Gauntlet meets Nemesis. You can collect extra weapons by killing certain aliens and use different keys to open different doors. Some areas of the maze can only be accessed by certain Centurions but you can change the bloke you're playing at the start.

Centurions: Power Xtreme

So, the game boils down to a lot of repetitive to-ing and fro-ing as you run back to base to change your man, then back to the maze to open a door, and then back to base...

The two player option does little to incite more excitement, or improve the addictive qualities. I notice that the programmer is called A. N. Other; it's no wonder he's decided to stay anonymous!

A tedious Gauntlet clone which has been rendered completely unplayable by messy graphics and flickery scrolling.

Nat Pryce

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