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Texi Golf
By Softi

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

The game of golf is now available for most micros and the TI is no exception, with several versions on the market.

Unfortunately, most of the realism is taken out of this program, with non-standard clubs used when it would have been just as easy to use a standard set.

Instead of the usual three woods, nine irons and a putter, only ten clubs are used. These are as follows: seven irons, one driver, one rather old-fashioned brassie and one wedge.

The course has nine holes, and any hole can be played at any time. I was surprised to find that there were no lakes, streams or trees which are almost essential features of a real course.

Rather a strange aspect of the game was that the computer chooses a "suitable" club if you land in the rough. This turns out to be extremely annoying, as nine times out of ten you have to play away from the green in order to avoid going into the rough again.

After the ninth hole, your score card and handicap are displayed.

This is not the best version of golf I have seen, but it could be greatly improved with just a few minor additions.


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