Taxman (Mondatta) Review | Personal Computer Games - Everygamegoing

Personal Compuer Games

By Mondatta Ltd
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #4


It sounded interesting; run around eating as much money as possible while avoiding the taxmen who are trying to make you bankrupt. I don't think Mondatta will have to worry about taxmen chasing them for the profits from this game, because it is pretty bad.

Taxman is, of course, a variant on Pac-Man and has all the usual features: maze, dots and monsters. The taxmen chasing you are small creatures with flailing arms who lurk behind walls before leaping out to grab you. If you eat a star the taxmen 'bow' down to you'.

Unfortunately the graphics are dull and colourless, while the sound is a total waste of the C64's facilities.

If companies are to carry on producing versions of Pac-Man they have to make sure that graphics and sound are not just good but superb.


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