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By U. S. Gold
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 3.10

Yet another arcade classic makes it to the Beeb, this time the Bally Midway game about a barkeeper desperately trying to keep the customers supplied with drinks.

Converted last yet by P. R. Morgan and Micro Power (remember Micro Power?) this is a graphically excellent version of the compulsive game. It starts slowly with four bars, a customer on each, glasses to fill, empties to catch as they slide along the bar and tips to collect for bonuses. The first sequence is quite easy but subsequently the game speeds up with extra customers, bonus screens (with a find the ball game) and different bars.

Brimming with 'one more game' appeal, this is a lot of fun. Though beware the very long loading time, though - why no disc version for this one, US Gold?

Dave Reeder

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