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By Domark
Spectrum 128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #121

TNT 2: Double Dynamite

Boom! When Domark released yet another five game TNT collection to spice up the cold 1992 spring air we decided to really test it by locking it up with Phil Phisch in SU's specially padded games room for three days with 16 vindaloo curries, five gallons of Dr. Pepper's and a microwave. Mahn did things get hot and sweaty in there!

This is essentially an odd gaggle of games with three action racers, a shoot 'em up and a beat 'em up. Some of the games are good, very good, but as usual one stinker has been included.

Hydra was first released last July - the story of a high tech water-bound courier delivering in danger zones around the world. Action is fast and dangerous in each of eight missions shooting as many baddies along the way as possible. Delivering goods and disposing of the enemy gets loadsa' money which is spent in 'Ziggy's Weapon Shoppe'. It's not an original game and can become boring and repetitive but nevertheless, it demands fast reactions and driving skills. (Like dodging Garth's car).

Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters, has up to two players working their way through the Reptilians' stronghold on planet X, as either Jake or Duke who can rescue hostages as they go. Rescue enough and you can even get extra lives and when you shoot some of the Reptilons, they leave behind little energy blobs which if you collect, will recharge your gun to give you bigger, longer blasts.

Badlands was actually an excellent race game when it first came out. It's only real problem was that it was released last Christmas at the same time as Virgin's most excellent, Ivan Stewart's Off Road Racer. Badlands is an overhead view race game. A sort of cross between Death Race 2000 and Mad Max, you are a sprint car racer in a post-apocalyptic society, who must earn points in order to further customise your car between races, with turbo's, tyres, missiles and even shields. Once you're juiced up, it's back onto the track. A great game and surely one of the best white-knuckle, nerve snapping racer 'cum blaster available.

In short, Skull and Crossbones is the stiker on the collection. It's a sad, sad tale of piracy, theft and maiden rescuing japes that's let down by poor graphics and very little gameplay and is best left alone. It's only redeeming feature is the two player option but unfortunately even in this mode it won't keep you going for long.

And neither will S.T.U.N Runner. Unfortunately, it's just not my cup of tea at all. You pilot a Spread Tunnel Underground Network Runner through 24 levels of various tunnels. You can pick up turbo speed up-pads, smart bombs and can even pass out into the great outside, but wherever you find are, the action remains repetitive and dull. This latter two games are the ones to watch on this compilation. Although I didn't like STUN Runner, as a conversion of the successful Atari coin-op, it will have its own fans it's very difficult to say the same for Skull and Crossbones however.

For those of you who are willing to pay 13 for three games that you'd definitely like, then TNT 2 is for you. If not, then you should approach the compilation with a little caution, although remember that Domark don't release any of their titles on budget...

Label: Domark Memory: 48K/128K Price: £12.99 Tape Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

Overall Summary

Well now, TNT 2 really is a little stick of dynamite. All the games are relatively recent in origin and with the exception of Skull and Crossbones, all have above average playability with good movement. The real star of the show though (for me) is Robot Monsters.

Garth Sumpter

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