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By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But after playing Swoop I've realised that you can certainly produce a new game from an old arcade favourite.

If you remember Galaxians then you've got the basic idea of Swoop. It's one of the Space Invader generation of games where waves of hostiles peel off and dive-bomb you as you try to survive using your defensive laser for protection.

In this incarnation the scenario is that you are being attacked by homing, swooping birdmen who you naturally try to avoid.


Incidentally I dread to think what it is that they're dropping on your head! This particular game has an innovation that makes it considerably different - and a lot more fun to play.

If a birdman reaches the ground it lays an explosive egg for you to run into and destroy yourself. Sweet aren't they?

The eggs disappear after you've managed to hit enough of the harpies but there are always more where they came from.

It's a really enjoyable version of an old favourite, enhanced by good graphics, nice sound effects and easily used controls.

With eight levels of difficulty consisting of more bombs, more swooping birdmen and even more durable eggs, Swoop is everything a good action game should be. A winner.

Dave Reeder

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