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Super Hero
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #35

Super Hero

Now If you do want to buy a rip-off of Knight Lore, you could try Super Hero. Actually the model here is just as much Batman as Knight Lore, what with graphics by Jon Ritman's old mucker Bemie Drummond, and gameplay modelled clearly on the first 3-D game they wrote together.

To get going you have to run around and collect various little goodies, one to help you jump, one to let you fire at things, one to let you carry things and so on. Then you have to collect the Spirits of five Guardians to finish the game, all to be found in a huge maze of rooms.

As it's a cheapie, the same care and attention that distinguished the Ritman games are not present, but it's quite playable all the same and for HOH fans, fairly easy. Now what we really need is a Ritman-type game for the really hefty computers, something to keep us occupied for months and months — the 3-D isometric game to beat the lot. Pleeez Jon, pleeeeeeeeez, pritty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez....

Marcus Berkmann

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