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Stunt Car Racer
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #119

Stunt Car Racer

The one and only race game of the future has finally been released on a budget label. Reviewed as a full price game in December 1989, Stunt car has finally made it back onto the shelves.

Stunt Car Racer has you in the driver seat of a stonking great turbo charged racing car. Racing against the computer or a friend, on a track consisting of a raised bank with the race layout on top and a variety of tracks with humps, jumps and banks, you must compete to progress But be careful - the tracks will fling amateur drivers to the ground below the track.

Damage is shown by a hair line fracture which slowly creeps across the rollbar. When it reaches the other side, your car is kaput and the race, for you, is over.

Stunt car racer was one hell of a racing game at full price. Now at budget it is a game that no-one can afford to be without.

Label: Hit Squad Memory: 48K/128K Price: £3.99 Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

Overall Summary

Stunt Car Racer is without doubt the greatest ever racing game on the Spectrum and no-one should be without it. It's original, exceptionally playable and the overall effect is devastating! Nothing beats it!

Garth Sumpter

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