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Stryker's Run
By Superior/Acornsoft
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in The Micro User 4.09

Stryker Is A Stunner

Allied intelligence has got hold of the plans for the enemy's next offensive. These plans must be taken to Allied HQ immediately so that a counter attack can be launched. You, Commander John Stryker, have been given this daunting task.

Having redefined the control keys to your favourite six you are ready to take up the challenge. You can run left and right, jump and duck, and fire your pistol or throw a grenade.

Your route is quite simple - just turn to your right and keep moving. Stryker remains in the centre of the screen while the background scrolls past to the left.

Stryker's Run

The scrolling action may not be faultless but it's better than many I have seen. All characters are drawn in full colour with a black line around them, very cartoon-like.

Throughout your journey you will meet allied soldiers dressed in green. These chaps will often march forwards and knock off one or two enemy soldiers, thus making life a little easier for you.

When facing an enemy soldier your best course of action is to fire then duck to avoid the return shot. The path you must travel is strewn with land mines, which you can jump over or detonate with a well-placed grenade. I recommend the first option as you will need every grenade you can lay your hands on later in the game.

Stryker's Run

The biggest hazards you will encounter are the enemy helicopter gunships which can unload a veritable shower of grenades. These are very difficult to avoid and usually account for the majority of your lives lost during a game.

At various points on your journey you will stumble upon abandoned aircraft which can be "borrowed" and used to give the enemy a little of his own medicine. One word of warning - many of these machines are defective in some way.

The 32k version of Stryker's Run is an absolute stunner. I just wish that I could afford a Master as the flip side of the cassette contains a 128k super version!

Jon Revis

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