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Your Sinclair

Striker Manager
By Cult Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #71

Striker Manager

Hmm. You actually takes part in the games with this one. It sets you up as a striker, then gets you running as hard as your little legs can, erm, run to get you training for the season.

You actually get to see the 'goalmouth action' as well, in a kind of 3D view. The graphics are a bit slow, but it isn't as bad as having your knees pierced with a child's plastic for. [How do you know? Plastic forks can be very painful, actually! - Ed] They've also managed to change the character set too which add, erm, something to the feel of the game. Overall, Striker Manager is pretty fast (as these things go), it's got graphics and you can actually score goals. It's also pretty easy to get to the first division, too.

James Leach

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