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Home Computing Weekly

Stickman Olympics
By Avalon
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #79

The title inspired low expectations but the familiar skyline, spectator section and event layout are well-designed and atmospheric. Your own and competitor's time and distances are displayed during the seven field and track events. Little marshals jump out with good or bad jump flags, the medal winners names are put up, your own if successful, with an updated total medal table. Even national anthems have that 'unfamiliar foreign band' sound. The layout forces a one space hero, so a stickman is acceptable.

Keys 1 and 0 in rhythm produce movement, but respond erractically - hard on keyboard and fingers. At best, movement is jerky. The Basic program reveals so many IFs that it's a wonder he moves at all! A 1500 metre event was originally planned.

This program needs more work: machine code could speed up animation and response, instead of jumping it should scroll screens, and pole vault should be debugged. Better quality tape (it took me nine attempts to load!), fuller instructions and a name and address somewhere would not go amiss. I think that polishing the program ran second to catching the market here.


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