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Your Sinclair

By Bulldog
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #30


Bulldog scored something of a minor hit with this game on the Commie 64. It was fast, noisy and mildly addictive. I didn't really go a bundle on it then, nor do I now. Although this conversion is almost perfect, the blandness of the screens and the bizarre nature of the game itself make it very much an acquired taste. Not my cup of coffee at all.

The choc-a-bloc screen contains hundreds of spore creatures that attack your character, sapping energy by the barrel full. Most of the spores are contained within a maze like network of moveable walls. Trouble is the object of your desires also resides within those walls. Wearing your strategy hat, you must figure out the safest way to travel the maze without mega amounts of energy loss. Ho hum! The graphics hardly impress, but things do chug along at a fairly rapid pace so you may not have time to take much notice. Apart from that - forget it. For zappers and maze freaks only.

Tony Worrall

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