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Home Computing Weekly

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #102

Computer games seem to have gone through phases in imitating each other. A rash of space zappers followed by pac-mazes followed by platforms and levels seems to have been the pattern since 1982. How refreshing to review something which can claim some originality.

You control Zippy, a vaguely froggy creature - but not frogger - round a maze - neither is it pac-man eating grass. The maze is huge and drawn very large, on which the screen is just a window with a nicely decorated frame. It all seems very simple at the start until the maze starts moving beneath the window, totally out of your control. Not only must you keep on eating the clumps of grass, but you must now avoid being trapped in the maze, or catching the window edge, because, if you do, Zippy is splatted into so much strawberry jam!

The window changes direction without warning, and blind panic results! You really have to be sharp. There are eight levels altogether, each with new items to collect and avoid. Getting into each new level takes some doing too! The hi-score table and demo mode just heighten your frustrations - or determination to win.

Graphics are very smooth and it's good to see provision to change the colours; very handy for green-screen owners or those with the dreaded shimmering colour modulator. My only real criticism is the failure to exploit the sound facilities fully; otherwise original, gripping and fun but, as with all Amstrad software, a little too expensive.


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