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Sinclair User

By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #21


The arena is filled with hostile robots as you, the Last of a race of fighting robots, battle for your life. In SpeCTron, for the 48K Spectrum, your laser gun is on automatic and will fire as you move. With luck - and just a hint of skill - you should be able to destroy the enemy and prepare for the next battle.

The game sounds simple so far but in playing you have to take account of a number of factors which will affect your health, such as energy. You also have to tolerate a potential score which seems to get higher and higher.

Virgin games, the manufacturer, has some accurate figures on the statistics of the game. You can have up to 54 robots and missiles on the screen at once, which is not good news for the lone survivor of a race of tin cans. It is, however, surprisingly easy to pass the first levels without too much trouble but after that the evil robots could gain the upper hand, or claw.

If you play the game for long enough you will become addicted. It is simple but you will always want to reach one level higher every time.

Spectron is produced by Virgin Games and can be obtained from Boots, Menzies and Dixons. It costs £5.95.

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