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Home Computing Weekly

By Visions
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #45

The opening sentence in the program instructions says: "Snooker (a load of balls)..." - my words exactly.

The write-up on the inlay card would have me believe that the game is both fun to play and capable of teaching me more than a three-year course at the local poly. Having seen the program, I have to disagree.

The game comes with sufficient instructions to get you going. All aspects of play are covered.


You may play a one or two player game and use either 10 or 15 red balls. Once this has been selected you position the white ball and start playing.

The game has features for changing the screen colours, aborting the game, deleting balls during play, specifying colours, adding spin to the ball and selecting the power level.

All these features would be nice on a good version of snooker but this game hardly constitutes such a description.

The graphics are slow, flicker, and are wildly inaccurate. A lot of control over nothing leaves you with nothing, as this game demonstrates.

This game is just another version of snooker on a computer. There's nothing much going in its favour, because the game is so inaccurate.


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