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By Acornsoft
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.04

Snapper is an excellent reproduction of the popular arcade game Pee-man. The idea of the game is to guide a yellow mouth around a grid of dots, whilst avoiding four evil monsters sent out from their cage in the centre of the screen. In the maze are four "power pills"; when one is gobbled. the monsters turn into ghosts and can themselves be eaten. for a large number of points.

From time to time different fruits will appear at a set place near the bottom of the grid; these are always valuable if you can get them.

Once you have cleared the screen of dots, the game progresses to a faster one with more fruit to eat. By the time you get to the acorns, the game is very fast indeed.


Acornsoft really have excelled themselves yet again with Snapper. It is a very accurate version of the original. The maze is almost identical, the monsters and our hero Snapper are exactly the same. The opening music and all sound effects are good and all close to the "real" game.

The graphics can best be described as very good. The maze is clear and the fruit are all very realistic: the Snapper gobbles away furiously, and the monsters' eyes move so that they look very menacing.

The keys are very easy to use; there are no alternatives. I am not aware of an option to use joysticks but the keys are suitable. There is also a top ten score table.


The program is in two parts; the tried and trusted Acornsoft logo and the actual code. Please note that this is the Version "1" Snapper; the Version "2" differs slightly; the "monsters" look more human, for example.

I feel that Acornsoft would do well to lower their prices a little; £10 is a lot nowadays, £7 is nearer the mark.

Summary: Totally excellent, classic game. Brilliant!

Dave Reeder

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